A fault tolerant flight control system for sensor and by M. R. Napolitano, Y. An, B. Seanor

By M. R. Napolitano, Y. An, B. Seanor

Plane layout three (2000) 103 - 128

In fresh years neural networks were proposed for identity and keep an eye on of linear and non-linear dynamic platforms. This paper describes the functionality of a neural network-based fault-tolerant method inside of a flight keep watch over procedure. This fault-tolerant flight regulate process integrates sensor and actuator failure detection, id, and lodging (SFDIA and AFDIA). the 1st activity is completed through incorporating a major neural community (MNN) and a collection of n decentralized neural networks (DNNs) to create a approach with n sensors which has the facility to realize a large choice of sensor mess ups. the second one scheme implements an analogous major neural community built-in with 3 neural community controllers. The contribution of this paper makes a speciality of improvements of the SFDIA scheme to permit the dealing with of soppy disasters in addition to addressing the problem of integrating the SFDIA and the AFDIA schemes with out degradation of functionality when it comes to fake alarm charges and wrong failure identi"cation. the result of the simulation with diversified actuator and sensor disasters with a non-linear airplane version are awarded and mentioned.

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