A Men's Liberation Guide to Women 3rd Edition by Sam Fryman

By Sam Fryman

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Finally, another kind of “gender bending” exercise is often suggested by the feminist led psychology schools. A Men’s Liberation Guide to Women 51 That is, that the general silent stoic nature of most men, in not desiring or being able to talk openly about their thoughts and particularly feelings, is the reason for their inadequacy as human beings, and that they should therefore be more like women and encouraged to air their feelings, either to a counsellor or in some other kind of group context.

And do we men call that freedom? Surely, if we have any fragment of sanity and self-respect left, we certainly do not. For such a perspective on the life of men which so many of the female population now seem to hold as justifiable and “appropriate” is utterly dehumanising, it is making a pet animal out of a searching, sensitive being, who if not abused, one day might become a god. ” So please now, do we see what the sexual enticement and hypnotism of men is all about? The short answer is that the jealous goddess, just wants to enslave us, and wishes us never to be her superior, or even equal, taking our rightful place on our throne, not beneath her, but beside her, as king to her queen, and to her goddess, a god.

Or on the other hand, we have an evolving purposeful being whose destiny is an expanded consciousness, maybe psychic powers and some sort of extra-terrestrial or spiritual life. But the dominant and leading women on this planet, whose main concern appears to be the acquisition of worthless sparkly baubles, the social standing of celebrity, vanity of beauty or of intellect, wish us men to be only emotionally and sexually enslaved to them, such that we are obedient little servants who go out and work themselves to death, frequently doing jobs which humiliate us and we hate, in order to help them A Men’s Liberation Guide to Women 38 buy their wardrobes full or clothes and shoes, finance extravagant holidays abroad, in return for them waiting teasingly in our beds to give us our sexual rewards when we arrive home - should we still have the energy – just like a trained animal, one of Pavlov’s most docile and obedient dogs.

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