Advanced Graphics with the Commodore 128 by M. M. Novak (auth.)

By M. M. Novak (auth.)

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Otherwise, we would have to supply integers ourselves. We can illustrate this point by drawing a straight line directly from its definition. 1. 0 FOR X=10 TO 300: DRAW 1,X,199-FNY(X):NEXT As it stands, the function Y(X) defined in line 120 must be calculated for every value of X, as needed by line 130. As a result, one multiplication and one addition must be performed at every single X. Consequently, when many points are involved, these operations lead to long delays, thus slowing down the overall graphic creation.

Note the variant of DRAW in line 200. It plots a straight-line segment between the current and the specified positions. As a second example, we write a routine that will use individual points, as given in DATA lines, and connect them with straight-line segments. 6. 6 1111111 11111 12111 13111 REM GRAPH COLOR 1,8: GRAPHIC 1,1 NP=111l: DIM XCNP), Y(NP) READ X(IIJ),Y(IIJ): DRAW 1,X(IIJ),199-Y(IIJ): FOR 1=1 TO NP: READ XCI>,Y(I) 14111 DRAW TO X(I),199-Y(I): NEXT 15111 DATA 1111,6111, 45,19111, 95,1111111, 12111,9111, 133,99, 159,13111, 25111,59 16111 DATA 259,4111, 288,5111, 311,7111, 315,92 The coordinates are READ from DATA and a straight-line segment is DRAWn between the newly fetched point and the last one displayed.

05*X+130,99+Y: NEXT T To complete our discussion of curves in Cartesian space, we shall briefly describe three further curves: ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola. Only the first of these curves can be plotted using the CIRCLE command. Ellipse A set of points whose sum of distances from two fixed points (foci) is constant forms an ellipse. In mathematics, such a relation is described by 30 Advanced Graphics with the Commodore 128 X * X/(P * P) + Y * Y/(Q * Q) = 1 if the centre of that ellipse is at the origin.

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