Airpower in Three Wars [WWII, Korea, Vietnam by Gen William W. Momyer

By Gen William W. Momyer

Ebook by means of Momyer, William M.

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The lake bed was littered with empty shell cases and debris from target practice. An airstrip was built on the east side of the lake bed. With the end of the war, the site was abandoned. By early 1955, the runway had reverted to sand and was unusable. " Groom Lake is cut off from the surrounding desert by the Timphute Range to the west, the Groom Mountains to the east, and the Papoose Range to the south. A few miles to the north is the 9,380-foot summit of Bald Mountain. The mountains loom like walls above the lake bed.

The Strategic Fighter Wings at these bases were being phased out. The "disappearance" of a few pilots would not be noticed. 31 The pilots approached were all reserve officers with indefinite service tours, Top Secret clearances, exceptional pilot ratings, and more than the required flight time in single-seat, single-engine aircraft. The pilots initially were told only that a flying job was available. If they were interested, an interview would be arranged. These interviews were held at night, at nearby motels.

Specific 38 DARK EAGLES areas of research included clear air turbulence, convective clouds, wind sheer, the jet stream, ozone, and water vapor. " It stated: Initial data about gust-meteorological conditions to be found at 10mile altitudes which have been obtained to date by the relatively few flights of the Lockheed U-2 airplane have already proven the value of the aircraft for this purpose . . "Within recent weeks, preliminary data-gathering flights have been made from an Air Force base at Lakenheath, England .

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