Al Di Meola - A Guide To Chords, Scales & Arpeggios by Al Di Meola

By Al Di Meola

(Instructional). A advisor to studying the fundamental instruments for turning into an outstanding participant and musician. contains Al's personal lesson plan approach, tunes, blues styles, jazz chord workouts, taking part in and working towards counsel, and an entire advisor to chords, scales and arpeggios.

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Fil- ) (GIr. M. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• " .............. _ play_ 101_ all ,I , "'" " ,. ~ . ~ lone . Ii lhal _ y_ nO no " ,~ -- I F9 es , &,--- "'. '-. t hy. Figs. >ddZ Bmaddb6 es Ii here.. _ yeah. yeah. _ _ 0, Bmaddl'6 in'. _ _ wail Iy you. wanl • cd play. far. Iy "d wanl • ed slay. c, Amadd2 _ Em9 Em7 on . -------DS ~§ ;giQ I I'm com > a _ Wahl - ing 10 ' bae k and _ mo~ - in 109 . to youI _ head. _ (bOl US wlRhy. Figs. 2 (2 times) & 2A c"'", "'" G 0 - , I" would - nl lhis pass _ b y.

OIr. IV subs titute Rh y. Fill 4 FI5 Fade QUI E7sus4 FIS E7sus4 , A dditional Lyrics 2. Dh , traffic jam, ~Ol more cars than a beach got sand. Suck it up, suck It up, suck it up. Fill it up until no mo re. I'm no crazy creep. I' ve gOI it coming to me beca use I'm not satisfied. Th e hun ger keeps on growing. ( To Chorus) 4. I told God, "I'm coming to yo ur country. I'm goi ng to ea t up your cities. " I' ve got a stomach full, It 's nol a chip on my shoulder. I' ve got this gro wl in my tumm y And I'm gonna stop it today.

Od_ • Inn splash_ . 11 0 t.. -t. t. t. (G u . III out) t. 51 OUITO w/R,ffB 8m Am 'O tr V D . •........................................................................................... •. •. Otr. •... . • Bm Am Riff 81 D Em (end Ritf BI ) .. ,R,f{ 8 1 Bm Am GU. I {Gu_VOUIJ ( A ute cnters) Am' D Bm' . D Em, Gn lV ~- I~ "tlI GIr. 1 " .. e I • I • I V 53 'm D • (Gl r. F..... ' PM ..... - ................ ................ ....... .............................. (Su CnICT'l) <0, I Em ) (end Rtl y.

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