American Boy by Larry Watson

By Larry Watson

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Mrs. Dunbar had also joined our little entourage, but all of us stopped now, and we stood in a small, dimly lit parlor. Back in the bright foyer, the twins were still spinning with excitement. ” the doctor asked. I had no doubt that his question was directed to me. I had no reply. ” Of course I wanted to see the patient, but Dr. Dunbar knew this about me before I knew it myself. “Oh, Rex,” said Mrs. ” “Let’s leave it up to them. ” He turned to us. ” I was instantly ready to say yes, but I knew Johnny had to answer first.

The doctor merely smiled. It was the same smile he’d worn when he sent us on our way with pockets full of gauze. 4. WHEN I ARRIVED HOME THAT NIGHT my mother was in her customary place and engaged in her favorite activity. The telephone cord stretched from the wall to the kitchen table, where she sat with the black receiver in one hand and a Pall Mall in the other. She was wearing a bathrobe, her usual after-work attire, and her hair was done up in curlers. The room’s only light came from the fluorescent strip along the back of the stove.

Or it might be Mrs. Shea, hoping that the doctor could come and take a look at her father, who had hurt his back shoveling the snow that drifted over Willow Falls the previous night. In any case, it was unlikely that someone would intrude on the Dunbars’ holiday for any reason but an emergency. Nevertheless, after rising to his feet, Dr. Dunbar paused. He lifted his pocket watch from his vest, snapped it open, and gazed at it almost as if he were posing. Dr. Dunbar was a charming, confident man, and an imposing physical specimen.

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