Anatomic Study of the Clitoris and the Bulbo-Clitoral Organ by Vincent Di Marino

By Vincent Di Marino

This eagerly awaited publication bargains a distinct, finished clinical research of the anatomy of the organ of woman sexual excitement. The authors use macroscopic and microscopic learn to lead the reader from the glans, the noticeable a part of the clitoris, the place they discover the striking sensory corpuscles, to the hidden roots of the bulbo-clitoral organ. They convey its complexity, its specific place in the exterior genitalia and its intimate dating with the urethro-vaginal pyramid.

They additionally remind us that all through historical past there was a failure to appreciate this organ and clarify that this false impression is still the reason for power excisions, legal mutilating practices that experience now not but been eradicated.

Using huge iconography, they display all through this e-book that the bulbo-clitoral organ is a phenomenal common treasure that each lady possesses and that each guy should still comprehend well.

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The mesoblast is drawn in red. The entoblast is drawn in yellow). D dorsal, V ventral, Cl cloaca, Cl a cloacal appendix, Cl M cloacal membrane, Cl t cloacal tubercle, NT neural tube (sc spinal cord), per peritoneum, R′ future rectum, ugS′ future urogenital sinus, urRs urorectal septum (eperon perineal of French anatomists), oblique white arrow it shows the direction of urRs′ progress towards the cloacal membrane, white arrowhead it indicates the point where the epiblast follows the amnios (which covers the umbilical cord) 42nd day of development (Fig.

The glans is the best known part of the clitoris due to its surface location and accessibility. Moreover, at present, it is rightly considered as the ideal site for female pleasure. The glans clitoridis challenges neophytes by its resemblance to the glans of the penis, and at first sight, an observer will view the clitoris as a simple miniature penis with a glans whose aspect recalls that of a small-sized male glans! However, an accurate analysis rapidly shows the specific characters and multiplies differences contradicting this point of view.

Portal). e. penis. Albucasis, closer to physiology, was to call it “tentigo” (which is placed under tension) but also “softness of love”, a term that Colombo was going to reuse and claim as his own a few centuries later. For the Romans, and if we are to believe Rufus of Ephesus (see Chap. 98, who wrote a treatise entitled “On the Names of the Parts of the Human Body”, the “woman’s shameful parts” chapter contains the definition and the various names still used during his era in relation to the clitoris: it actually is a “muscular This term (landica, ae) seems to have appeared relatively late, towards the end of the second century, and to have initially been part of “good classical Latin” (E.

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