ANSI IEEE C63.5 ( [Electromagnetic Compatibility-Radiated

Read Online or Download ANSI IEEE C63.5 ( [Electromagnetic Compatibility-Radiated Emission Measurements in Electromagnetic Interference -EMI- Control-Calibration of Antenas. 9 kHz to 40 GHz] [EMC] [73pages] PDF

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7) Temperature variance during measurements shall be less than 5 °C between direct measurements. This includes all cables. Relatively low ambient noise levels are recommended to achieve the recommended 16 dB signal-to-noise ratios. Lower site attenuation deviations from ideal are also recommended. 3 Measurement configuration Prior to beginning the measurement set up take the following steps: 1) Distinguish between transmit and receive antennas. Mark the antennas for future reference. 1. 3) The same antenna element setup condition must be applied at the SACS and the qualifying site measurement.

If the published data are used, the contribution is considered a rectangular distribution. If a type A evaluation is used, the distribution can be considered normal with the appropriate degrees of freedom (n-1). The magnitude of this uncertainty contribution can be reduced through the use of a calibrated precision attenuator, inserted in the direct measurement that is nearly equal to the antenna losses. 1) The contribution resulting from frequency error is dependent on the method. If a swept frequency method is used, this contribution ufSpA can be computed by multiplying the frequency span accuracy times the slope of the antenna factor over the frequency span measured.

Except as required to perform the test. In addition, the reference SACS shall meet the following requirements: 1) The ground plane shall be of metal with no holes or gaps larger than 3 cm (1/10 λ at 1000 MHz) in any dimension. ) Any welds and joints in the ground plane should be staggered. 3) The ground plane shall be at least 20 m wide by 30 m long. 4) The SACS shall not include a weather protection enclosure. 5) There shall be no objects including standing trees within 10 m of every edge of the ground plane.

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