Mastering Anxiety: The Nature and Treatment of Anxious by Ronald A. Kleinknecht PhD

By Ronald A. Kleinknecht PhD

An in-depth, easy-to-understand exam of the fundamental actual legislation of nature and the way they impact our universe.

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Through these early experiences of anxiety associated with the exposure to the demands of society and progression through the stages of psychosexual development, the ego and superego become more or less developed. In the relatively normal person, these structures are generally able to cope with the anxiety generated by perceived dangers or threats from the id. This coping is accomplished through the use of ego defense mechanisms. It is through these defense mechanisms that the ego defends itself against the anxiety associated with the id's incessant demands for immediate satisfaction of sexual and/or aggressive urges.

These early identified reaction patterns tended to persist over the years, suggesting that these fearlike behavior patterns were inborn temperaments. However, even if inborn, these patterns are potentially modifiable by interactions with parents and others. More recently, similar observations have been made in different contexts that also suggest that extreme shyness may be an inborn trait. Jerome Kagan, a prominent child psychologist at Harvard, also investigated a group of children over a period of years.

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